Slug makes up the url of a post (preceded by a cpt slug when using a post type). While some post types are straightforward, certain post types (for example: packages, profiles or ideas) may have different types of content. Adding the appropriate url slug will help to identify the type of content based on the slug alone.

  • Package(s)
    • Services – /package/services-x
    • Feature – /package/feature-x
    • Proposal – /package/proposal-x
    • Plan – /package/plan-x
      • A plan can be used to replace the “package” to avoid redundancy with the cpt slug
    • Quote – /package/quote-x
      • Technically a proposal / plan vs quote sounds the same but we can separate the quote so we can stack several different quotes with the same plan when making a proposal. Therefore a Quote could be a combination of pricing information with inserted plan or proposal
  • Profile(s)
    • Client – /profile/client-x
    • Company – /profile/company-x
    • Industry – /profile/industry-x
    • Sponsor – /profile/sponsor-x
    • Website – /profile/site-x
    • Type – /profile/type-x
    • Person – /profile/person-x
    • Team – /profile/team-x
    • Person – /profile/person-x
    • App – /profile/app-x

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