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Packages are Site Plans Designed For Your Type of Online Goals

Are you a small business, consulting coach or a writer? Do you need to create a repository of product review videos, a paid membership site or just use your site to explain your hobbies. Whatever you imagine, we can put together – this is what site packages are all about.

Our Website Plans

Simple, easy to understand “packaged” website solutions

Hobby / Niche Content Focussed Website Package

This package is primarily focused on an individual who likes to make their website a centralized location for any hobby related content.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Unleash your creativity and share your passion by making a visual showcase of your how to’s content, videos, guide articles and resource materials
  • Turn your hobby into a revenue stream with donations, paid courses or by selling your work online

Coaching / Consulting Content Focused Website Package

This package is primarily focused on a coach, writer or educator who uses their site as a centralized learning hub location.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Consolidate all your content regardless of source by creating a centralized location for referencing most of your work
  • Create free or paid courses that your visitors can register for and learn at their own pace

Sales Pitch & Landing Pages Website Package

This package is primarily focused on the sales person who uses their website to assist with selling their products or services.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Use dynamic landing pages you can easily change to help track your visitors reaction to your sales pitch and measure conversions
  • Allow your visitors the mechanism to show simplistic, straightforward sales information but have the option to expand towards detail focused content

Video Podcast Content Focused Website Package

This package is primarily focused on compiling YouTube videos into your website with page functionality that allow you to feature transcription for seo, images, links, etc.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Turn your website into a video curated content site complete with categories, sales landing pages, demo pages and more
  • Make it possible for visitors to watch your videos in a page with space designated for related videos, transcriptions and fully detailed content that expands your content

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